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    Best Won Ton Noodle Soup in Taichung

    It’s funny how my favorite breakfast place has changed owners and was somewhat disappointing during this last trip to Taiwan, but it wasn’t a total fail because right next door I found a new favorite place! If you’re craving won ton soup, be sure to check out Jiang’s House. Actually I have no idea if that’s the real name but I know it’s one of several won ton noodle soup places owned by someone named Jiang so that’s what we’re going with. My friend (she knows THE best places to go!) brought me here and said I had to order the won ton soup. We didn’t get their signature soup…

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    Best Japanese / Sushi in Honolulu

    I finally got to travel to Hawaii for my big birthday trip from 2021! We had postponed it but it was definitely worth the wait. Initially we were supposed to go to the Big Island but we decided to change it to Oahu and stay in Waikiki. I was afraid it would be too crowded but we found secluded beaches up in North Shore and away from Honolulu. I’ve been to most of the islands a dozen times. Honolulu I’ve been only three times and I honestly don’t remember much about where we ate. So for this trip, I wanted to make sure we found those hidden gems that I’d…

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    Rosacea and its Possible Causes

    When my dermatologist prescribed Soolantra, an anti-parasitic with Ivermectin, for my rosacea, I didn’t understand what that meant. Does that mean I have parasites on my face? What I discovered is a controversial theory that rosacea sufferers are linked to an overabundance of demodex mites on the skin. Confused and kind of grossed out, I spent hours researching and stumbled across Dr. Tara O’Desky’s website Rosacea Help. She was a rosacea sufferer but healed her rosacea naturally. Being an advocate for natural treatments, I was instantly intrigued. She talked about her gut health and that in order to heal we need to address the root cause of rosacea. It’s an…

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    A Rosacea Journey – The Beginning

    Around April 2021, I started noticing my skin breaking out a lot more than usual. Before this, my skin would get the occasional pimple but nothing I concerned myself too much about because it always cleared up. I figured this increase in pimples was due to mask-wearing and knew “maskne” was a thing affecting a lot of people. So I bought acne wash and diligently exfoliated every day. I wasn’t sure why I was getting it now after wearing a mask for over a year but I didn’t think too much of it. Then I noticed little red bumps all underneath my chin. I had never had acne there before…

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    Finding Balance in 2021

    What a crazy year this has been. I know many of us want 2020 to be over already. But 2020 wasn’t all bad. I learned a lot about myself during “safer at home” orders. I learned how to find balance despite the growing anxiety and stress of the world around us. Despite not being able to travel or see my loved ones. Here are some ways to find balance: Forgive yourself It’s okay if you don’t get that short story written. Or if you skip the Zoom meeting with your family. These are stressful times. Allow yourself to check out for a bit. Take a walk. Do yoga. Meditate. Or…

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    Healing From Within

    How I managed my migraines naturally My essay is up today at Exploring Wellness. I talk about how I decided my life needed a change when I was suffering from 15-20 migraine days a month. I was miserable and stressed out. I was tired of taking so many drugs. Reiki came to my rescue and from there I learned how to maintain a consistent meditation and yoga practice. My migraine days were reduced significantly. You can read the entire article here: Healing from Within: How I Managed my Migraines Naturally

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    A Reiki Rescue During a Pandemic

    Today I have a piece up on P.S. I Love You on my new rescue pup, Zoe. It’s a thank you to her for saving me from what could have been a dark and scary time. I know we’re all suffering from anxiety and fear of the unknown right now. Perhaps we’re angry with what’s happening to our communities and our lives. Yet it’s important to take a moment and appreciate what you have right now. To listen to what the universe is trying to tell you. To tap into that place of forgiveness, hope, and joy. You may find something life-changing at the end of it. Zoe did that…

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    Ease Anxiety with these Free Yoga and Meditation Apps

    During these stressful, uncertain times, it’s important to continue practicing self care. Don’t read the news all day. Try to limit it to once in the morning and once at night. Maybe thirty minutes at the most. Stay away from social media or else limit it to 30 minutes a day as well. And most importantly, take the time to be kind to yourself. Maybe that’s going for a walk where you can. If there are no parks or hiking trails open to you, just walk outside your house and around your block. Sitting in sunshine for 30 minutes can do wonders. YOGA If you have a consistent yoga practice,…

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    The City of Longevity

    My travel story is up at Intrepid Times! I write about my visit with my dad in Taichung, Taiwan. Here’s the tagline for The City of Longevity: When a young woman makes a trip to Taichung, her father’s hometown in Taiwan, she struggles to find a window into his busy life. It’s my first time writing for Intrepid Times, an online travel zine based out of New Zealand. I’m excited to be published by them and hope to write more travel stories for them in the future. Check out some of the other stories. They’re beautifully written with gorgeous photographs!

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    Attract High Energy By Raising Your Vibration

    The universe is filled with energy. We are all made up of energy. Our thoughts are energy. These thoughts create emotions inside of us which affects our energy. Haven’t you noticed that the energy you put out into the universe comes right back to you? If you’re depressed or angry, you’re emitting low vibrations or low energy. It’s difficult to attract higher vibrations when you’re in this state. People don’t want to be around someone who is angry or jealous or depressed. You will attract others who are feeling upset or enraged, thus creating a vicious cycle of low energy. So how do you create high energy? By raising your…