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Attract High Energy By Raising Your Vibration

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The universe is filled with energy. We are all made up of energy. Our thoughts are energy. These thoughts create emotions inside of us which affects our energy. Haven’t you noticed that the energy you put out into the universe comes right back to you?

If you’re depressed or angry, you’re emitting low vibrations or low energy. It’s difficult to attract higher vibrations when you’re in this state. People don’t want to be around someone who is angry or jealous or depressed. You will attract others who are feeling upset or enraged, thus creating a vicious cycle of low energy.

So how do you create high energy? By raising your vibration.

We all emit various levels of energy or vibrations. The states of being with the highest vibrations are joy, enthusiasm, optimism, contentment, and passion. Think of people who always seem to be smiling. Don’t they give off a higher energy than someone who is always frowning or negative?

There are methods to raise your vibration which in turn will attract others of high vibrations. Here are three easy ones to try:

1) Take three deep belly breaths. Really inhale deep and place your hands on your belly. Feel it puff out as you breathe in. When you exhale, do it slowly.

2) Strike a power pose! In yoga, there are the warrior poses. For Warrior One, lunge forward with either your right or left leg bent. Your arms rise up in the air, shoulders down. I feel invincible when I do warrior poses.

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3) Go out in nature. I always feel better after I walk my dog. Go sit in your backyard or head to your local park. Listen to the humming of insects or birds singing. Take a break and go to your local botanical garden or nature preserve. Go on a hike. If you don’t have any parks or gardens nearby, it really helps to have a plant in your home. Sometimes if I don’t have time to go to a park but I know I need to raise my vibration, I talk to my plant. I water it or I tidy it up. It sounds silly but it works.

By trying these tips, you will raise your vibration, even if it’s just for a little while. And sometimes that’s all we need!

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