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A Reiki Rescue During a Pandemic

depositphotos / Christin_lola

Today I have a piece up on P.S. I Love You on my new rescue pup, Zoe. It’s a thank you to her for saving me from what could have been a dark and scary time. I know we’re all suffering from anxiety and fear of the unknown right now. Perhaps we’re angry with what’s happening to our communities and our lives.

Yet it’s important to take a moment and appreciate what you have right now. To listen to what the universe is trying to tell you. To tap into that place of forgiveness, hope, and joy. You may find something life-changing at the end of it.

Zoe did that for me and I tell her how much I appreciate her in my essay “A Reiki Rescue During a Pandemic.”

If you would like to adopt a pet, check out the Dexter Foundation where I found Zoe. So many neglected dogs need a home and now is a great time to foster.

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