Rosacea and its Possible Causes

When my dermatologist prescribed Soolantra, an anti-parasitic with Ivermectin, for my rosacea, I didn’t understand what that meant. Does that mean I have parasites on my face? What I discovered is a controversial theory that rosacea sufferers are linked to an overabundance of demodex mites on the skin.

After hours of research, I stumbled across Dr. Tara O’Desky’s website Rosacea Help. She was a rosacea sufferer but healed her rosacea naturally. Being an advocate for natural treatments, I was instantly intrigued.

She talked about her gut health and that in order to heal we need to address the root cause of rosacea. It’s an inflammatory condition so she eliminated all the foods that could lead to inflammation like gluten and dairy. I already did this but didn’t think about environmental toxins or going on a heavy metal detox or toxin cleanse. I made a virtual appointment to talk to her and she helped me immensely! She armed me with a clean eating menu plan and the recipes were incredibly easy yet delicious and most importantly, healthy. She put me on a liver detox. She advised me to go outside and exercise and practice meditation consistently.

We discussed the demodex mites and the treatment she used. I had a gut feeling that demodex mites were the cause of my rosacea as well. Apparently we all have demodex mites on our skin but rosacea sufferers have an over abundance of them. Experts aren’t sure if it’s a cause of rosacea or a symptom of rosacea. I attributed it to my constant mask wearing. I decided to try what she suggested. It’s also on her website. (I don’t have any affiliation or receive any compensation for the products / websites I provide links to.)

Before starting the ZZ Cream and cleanse diet – July 2021

First, I purchased the ZZ Cream.

I followed the instructions on her website such as switching my pillowcases every night and spraying my bedding with tea tree oil. I used sulfur soap to wash my neck and back because the mites don’t like sulfur or tea tree oil. I found a website Celtic Complexion especially for fair-skinned people that had a gentle facial cleansing cream that I loved. There’s also a calming serum I purchased that helped tone down the skin redness.

After 4 months of constant use of the ZZ Cream, my rosacea slowly began to clear up. I started the treatment and healthy eating in July and by the end of October 2021, I barely had any papules or pustules. The redness cleared.

After four months of use of ZZ Cream

I still use the ZZ Cream for maintenance. If I see a red bump or pimple, I put a little bit on. For at least a month I had zero bumps and my skin felt amazing. I do have some scarring or dark spots from the really bad pimples which I’m praying will disappear over time. My skin isn’t 100% the way it was before the rosacea, but I’m hopeful it will get there.

I never used the Soolantra my dermatologist prescribed. It may be helpful and work great. However, it’s very expensive if your insurance doesn’t cover it. The ZZ Cream seemed just as good and it was cheaper although it ships from Hong Kong so you have to wait a while. Plus there’s no ivermectin in the ZZ Cream. It has zinc oxide and sulfur in it which dries out the pimples.

If you suffer from rosacea, don’t despair. There are some great tools and websites like Dr. Tara’s and I also found a lot of useful information at the National Rosacea Society. It’s a slow process, but once you find the treatment that works for you, your skin will heal.


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