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Best Won Ton Noodle Soup in Taichung

It’s funny how my favorite breakfast place has changed owners and was somewhat disappointing during this last trip to Taiwan, but it wasn’t a total fail because right next door I found a new favorite place!

If you’re craving won ton soup, be sure to check out Jiang’s House. Actually I have no idea if that’s the real name but I know it’s one of several won ton noodle soup places owned by someone named Jiang so that’s what we’re going with.

Nondescript place on Jianxiang Road right next door to Ri Zheng!

My friend (she knows THE best places to go!) brought me here and said I had to order the won ton soup. We didn’t get their signature soup with noodles and the shrimp won tons. Instead, we got pork won tons and no noodles. The broth is delicious and bonito flavored. The won tons are HUGE and filled with delicious pork. We actually bought it to cook at home and they give you everything to do it yourself: the won tons ready to boil, the broth, and the greens.

So cheap! About $6 for a tray of 20 won tons!

My stepmother cooked up the soup and it was delicious!

Pork won ton soup with greens
The won tons are so huge you have to eat them in several bites

It was so amazing, I went back the next day to try other items. I decided to get spicy tofu, stir fried greens with meat, and cucumber. The cucumber was SPICY and I love spicy but I would probably not get that again. But the other two items were delicious and I would definitely come back for it.

Spicy tofu sliced thin to soak up the sauce. Not too spicy.
Greens are so yummy with just the right amount of meat added
Like most things in Taiwan, lunch was really cheap, only $5 or $150NT for my three items!

And here’s a bonus tip: a couple stores down right outside is a woman with two giant pots making pepper buns. Try one. You won’t be sorry!

Pepper buns are filled with pork and green onions. Nice and flaky but they have a kick to them!

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