I grew up with a mom who was a chronic migraine sufferer. My grandmother, who died before I was born, also suffered from migraines. I didn’t understand how debilitating they could be until I hit age 40 when I got my first migraine.

The years following, my migraines became worse and more frequent. I tried so many different medications and some worked for a little while and others didn’t work at all. I pinpointed my triggers and recognized what an aura was. Yet they continued to worsen.

It wasn’t until I tried yoga, acupuncture, and meditation, did I finally achieve some relief. I also tried Aimovig, a new CGRP preventive drug, that worked wonders. I was migraine-free for all of 2019.

But then the side effects started. Severe bloating and GI problems. Hair loss. The drug is so new that doctors aren’t sure what the long-term consequences are. I don’t want to take that risk plus I can’t handle the side effects so I discontinued the Aimovig. Now the migraines have returned.

I’m at a point where I’m trying to balance between a more natural approach and conventional medication. I continue to get migraines, sometimes once or twice a week. Yet I firmly believe my consistent practice of yoga and meditation is reducing them significantly. I’m also hopeful for a new acute treatment of a drug called Ubrelvy which is another CGRP.

It’s an ongoing journey and I know if I stay on this path of self-care and optimism, I will once again be migraine-free.