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    Best Won Ton Noodle Soup in Taichung

    It’s funny how my favorite breakfast place has changed owners and was somewhat disappointing during this last trip to Taiwan, but it wasn’t a total fail because right next door I found a new favorite place! If you’re craving won ton soup, be sure to check out Jiang’s House. Actually I have no idea if that’s the real name but I know it’s one of several won ton noodle soup places owned by someone named Jiang so that’s what we’re going with. My friend (she knows THE best places to go!) brought me here and said I had to order the won ton soup. We didn’t get their signature soup…

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    The City of Longevity

    My travel story is up at Intrepid Times! I write about my visit with my dad in Taichung, Taiwan. Here’s the tagline for The City of Longevity: When a young woman makes a trip to Taichung, her father’s hometown in Taiwan, she struggles to find a window into his busy life. It’s my first time writing for Intrepid Times, an online travel zine based out of New Zealand. I’m excited to be published by them and hope to write more travel stories for them in the future. Check out some of the other stories. They’re beautifully written with gorgeous photographs!

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    Eating my Way Through Taichung

    When I went from a fun three-day trip in Taipei to Taichung, the second largest city in Taiwan, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was excited to see my dad but I figured there was nothing to do. It wasn’t as cosmopolitan or vibrant as Taipei. I was proven wrong. The food alone is worth the trip. I fell in love with Taichung and can’t wait to go back. And did I mention the food? I write about my entire culinary journey today at Writers on the Run. Warning: it will leave you feeling hungry!

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    Nature Trips in Taiwan

    So you’re going to Taiwan and of course, it’s all about the food. But what if you want to relax and spend some time outdoors? Here are the best places I found during my recent visit to Taiwan: TAIPEI Chiang Kai-Shek’s Shilin Residence This was the official residence of President Chiang Kai-Shek and Soong Mei-ling, his third wife. Now it’s a historical site and museum open for tours which I highly recommend. But it’s the gardens and grounds that I spent the most time enjoying. Walk around the lily-pad covered lake and rose garden and you’ll be sure to see plenty of butterflies, birds, insects, and even turtles! Amusing topiary…

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    Best Hidden Gem for Breakfast in Taichung

    Update 4/2023: I just returned from a trip to Taichung and of course, had to stop at Ri Zheng, my favorite breakfast place. But it’s changed! I was told they have a new owner now. The biggest change is that their hours are now 6pm to 11am. So if you want to go for a midday snack, you’re out of luck. The second change is that they no longer have the beef pies that I love! I was so disappointed! Their specialty now is fan tuan which I did not try but my friend absolutely loves. She says it’s their specialty which was confirmed by all the orders of fan…