Dubai, November 2013

I’ve enjoyed traveling my entire life, starting from my first international flight when I was a toddler. Here’s my very first passport!

I couldn’t sign it because I was three!

I traveled solo for the first time when I was ten, flying from L.A. to New Jersey to visit my aunt and cousin. When my parents essentially separated, my mom and I would spend every Christmas on a trip, either a cruise through the Caribbean or somewhere relaxing in Mexico. I look back on those times and wish we could do that again. But now my mom is older, more anxious, and less enthusiastic about traveling. Not to mention her debilitating migraines. Which I inherited.

In 2015, my migraines worsened. I was getting more than 15 a month. I was afraid to travel in case they became so bad I would be in the destination of my dreams but miserable in a dark hotel room with an ice pack on my head. They had already ruined one fun weekend getaway. So I stopped traveling altogether in 2017.

Flash forward to today and my migraines are finally somewhat under control. Or at least I’m better equipped to know how to manage them thanks to a combination of mindfulness and conventional medicine. I was able to rekindle my passion for travel which has led me to create this blog and write about my adventures. My hope is that this will inspire you to go on journeys of your own, both physically and spiritually.

Bahamas, July 2014